The “new” algorithm

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Social Media platforms changes its algorithms constantly ( Specially Instagram ) to help us and sometimes to annoy us. We leave you the main keys of the current Instagram algorithm 2021 to succeed.

🔑 Engagement = the users who interact the most with our account, will see your content first, while others can stop seeing your posts

🔑 Saving post is the new like. Create attractive content so that people want to save it: tips, lists, guides…

🔑 Share posts increases your reach. Create posts that people want to share with other users, for example, memes

🔑 Post more content that has these two interactions

🔑 The comments that will really help must have more than 4 words

🔑 Pay attention to post schedule (we will make a post with the best hours) and be constant (a week of silence can greatly lower your reach)

🔑 The first 15 minutes of interaction are the key, so choose the hashtags and times well

🔑 DMs count too. Encourage your followers to answer you or ask for information by DM

🔑 The more you use Instagram, the more content it will show and vice versa

✔ Review your post well before publishing. If you start to correct it once published, Instagram may think that something strange is happening and lower your visibility.

We wish you luck, but if you want success, contact us.