Netflix – the leaders of entertainment on Instagram

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Currently, @netflix collects more followers on Instagram than all its direct competitors together. A total of 26.1M vs. 4.1M of @hbo , 1.6M of @amazonprimevideo, and 3.9M of @disneyplus

In addition, its good engagement has an average of 250k likes (1%) per post compared to 4k (0.1%) of its largest competitor #HBO . Although the number of posts is double, the rest +3k of Netflix vs. 1.5k on average of the rest of the accounts mentioned, the notoriety of the account of the company is indisputable, despite not being the pioneer in the industry (1997 Netflix vs. 1972 HBO 🎬 )

All profiles follow the same objective: to promote the products available on their platform in a relatively close way to the public, introducing humour, interviews, teasers, and other similar resources.

In addition, they have the same aesthetics of the feed in which the appeal goes to a second or fifth plane. Conclusion, next to Netflix the others just chill.

Maybe because Netflix is a millennial brand, and they all are on Instagram 💭 What do you think? Why is Netflix an indisputable leader compared to its competitors?